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We are purveyors of curiosities and your guidepost for all-natural home, body and skin care products. We take the guesswork out of choosing eco friendly products, by hand picking the best all natural ingredients on the market today. Knowing that your customer deserves the highest in quality, this product is meticulously hand crafted to enhance your life and your home.


Why Choose Miller House Eight 16?

Just a little history behind the Miller House Eight 16 name... One day while on vacation in Savannah we developed a vision of a business with compassion and ethics behind every product. Products that would add to your life with little impact on our planet. From that day forward our goal has been to create the purest and highest quality products possible.  We are a small family owned company that makes everything by hand. Handcrafted in small batches. We take pride in what we have created. Our Travel Collection is our proud and joy, from the different and unusual names we have given the candles to the beautiful and distinct colors of the glass we have chosen. Fragrances are aimed at taking you away to that perfect vacation you once had or the one that you or planning right now. Featuring intoxicating aromas like coconut and lime to the exotic tobacco and sandalwood.

*** All of our aromas are 100% clean scents verified.***

*** We only package in glass due to our dedication to not add to our planets already overflowing landfills. ***



This is what we refer to as our Travel collection. We wanted to create aromas that induced visions of faraway places without leaving your home. All of the names come from cultures from around the globe to help invoke a level of intrigue and mystery. Each account receives a travel guide to educate on base, middle and top notes plus name meanings. There are sixteen different ones to choose from.  We offer them in 12 oz. or 6 oz. containers. All hand-poured in recycled glass and only the best soy and planted based wax on the market.  Wicks are all cotton and chemical free , with a cork top. All these elements create a repurposed or returnable item that is not ready for the landfill.

All this is done by two people who care about the environment, who believe in giving back and is willing to back it up. With that being said, all glass that is returned will be rewarded with a $1 off for each candle container you return with your next order. This can be passed on to your customers as an incentive to return to your store.



Some of our candle aromas were so popular we have taken the top 4 and turned them into lotions. These four lotions are goat milk and honey based. Goat milk and Honey are added to give the lotion a creamy silky smooth feeling that just melts into your dry skin. Did you know that Goat Milk has the same pH as your skin and it contains fatty acids that help repair the skin barrier, probiotics to encourage the growth of normal skin flora, and vitamin A to help gently exfoliate? It always leaves your skin soft and glowing, never greasy. Lotions are also packaged in a 6oz recycled glass container. This unique glass vessel will catch your customers eye with its sleek and curvy lines.

Heimweh, Sonder, Yugen and Gadabout, these are the names you will come to know and love.


  Body Oils

Our Body oils come in 3 different scents, Rose, Jasmine and Lavender.  All of them contain real dried flowers in each and every bottle. With every drop of this all natural wonder you get the feeling of being in a spa without leaving your home. Our oils will soak right in without any greasy residue. Eight different oils are used to make the this special blend. From the Virgin Coconut oil base to the Primrose and Sunflower oil add ins plus Vitamin E and Avocado oils topping it off. All of our oils are sourced organically. Bath Salts When creating our bath salts , we knew we had to have the very best. Himalayan Pink Bath Salts was our first and only choice. These salts are known around the world for their beautiful color and varied trace minerals. They are carefully sourced from mines located deep in the Himalayan mountains. This salt is known for moisturizing the skin. Soaking in a warm salt solution, even just once a week for 15-20 minutes, offers great benefits in terms of improving the skin barrier function, hydrating the skin, and decreasing inflammation. We have two different kinds of bath salts, Lavender and Jasmine. Each contain dried flowers and sensual aromas.

After a long day, relax, add two tablespoons of the bath salt mix to the tub, and soak.


Bath Soak

Our bath soak is Lavender and Chamomile. This will leave your skin silky smooth plus your mind and body totally relaxed. Lavender & Chamomile Bath Salt Soak gently relaxes the body with mineral rich Himalayan and Epsom salts. It also soothes tired muscles, relieve aches and detoxify the body while replacing needed nutrients.

It contains Epsom Salt, Himalayan Pink Sea Salt, Chamomile Powder, Lavender buds, and Baking Soda. Add 1-2 tablespoons to bath water and relax.


Bath Tea

Our bath tea is Rose and Calendula. This special blend is great for your skin and your senses. Leaves your skin feeling refreshed and new.

It contains Epson Salts, Himalayan Pink Sea Salt, Goat Milk, Colloidal Oatmeal and dried flowers. Did you Know Colloidal Oatmeal Strengthens the skin barrier and soothes irritated skin?

Sprinkle into bath water and enjoy. With any of  these four luxurious spa products you can set the stage for a tranquilizing and aromatic time.


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Miller House Eight 16 as a small company asks that an opening order be $200.00 with that we will provide up to 4 free candle, bath salts or lotion testers or 3 free body oil testers.

Plus all opening orders get a travel guide.

4 to 7 days lead time on all opening orders.









If branding is requested, we ask that a copy of your art work be email to us. This includes your logo on a JPEG, a list of fragrance and the size and color of your container. We add a $2 charge on every container and a minimum order amount is $200.



All invoicing will be done through PayPal, email needs to be provided and freight will be added.

Please note we recycle and repurpose when shipping.

UPC codes are used only when requested.



Thanks for contacting us. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.