CBD Oil, the new craze!

CBD Oil, the new craze!

cbdMD, all the craze right now is cbd oil. from bath bombs to pet drops. At Christmas Village 2018, young gentlemen comes into Miller House Eight16 and asks what I think about cbd oil. My reply is, it works for me with stress and anxiety on a daily basis.  1000 mg capsules of CBD oil, twice a day, and I’m good. “Well, I know someone you need to meet.” replies this young man.  And so 2 days later I’m picking up my order of cbdMD, yep right here in Charlotte NC, and three days later everything is sold out. So that turned out to my first experience with Now, is home for this great company of CBD products and more.

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  • Paula Leigers Posted July 16, 2019 10:26 am


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